#008 - The Ultimate Rhythm (Convos with Kelly Rowland and Dyana Williams)

This week Phil, Tamone, Claude, and Chuck converse with Kelly Rowland and Dyana Williams in honor of Black Music Month.

Listen every Tuesday as music business veterans Phil Thornton, Tamone Bacon, Claude Kelly, and Chuck Harmony give their coveted, comical opinions on today’s music, yesterday’s music and the music of tomorrow in a fast-paced format.

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01:00-01:50 Welcome to Black Music Month.

01:54-20:48 Dyana Williams The Godmother of Black Music.

20:55-24:58 Songs that represent the culture.

24:58-27:15 Modern cultural representation.

27:20-31:26 Kelly Rowland.

31:27-33:06 The Ultimate Rhythm.

33:06-39:39 First Albums Purchased.  

39:40-44:11 Favorite Duet of All Time.

44:12-47:00 Crazy Music Love Child.

47:01-47:42 Classic Dionne.

48:22-52:20 Favorite remix of All Time.                                 

52:21-56:24 Louis York & The Shindellas.

56:26-58:36 Such a Range.

58:39-1:05:36 The Esther Rolle Award.

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