#012 - MJ Was Your Wingman (Convo with LaShawn Daniels)

This week Phil, Tamone, Claude, and Chuck share a conversation with songwriter LaShawn Daniels

Listen every Tuesday as music business veterans Phil Thornton, Tamone Bacon, Claude Kelly, and Chuck Harmony give their coveted, comical opinions on today’s music, yesterday’s music and the music of tomorrow in a fast-paced format.

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00:19 - 07:02 I Wish!

07:04 - 17:51   Say My Name, Say My Name.

17:53 - 25:15   Aight This How We Gon Do I.

25:17 - 26:54 B Rocka. 

26:56 - 34:36 Full Moon.

34:38 - 37:48 Songs You Wish.  

37:50 - 48:44 Brandy.

48:46 - 51:57 Stevie Wonder Documentary.

51:59 - 58:51   Who Would Have You Shook? 

58:53 - 1:07:31 Who Is It Time To Honor?

1:07:33 - 1:08:31 The Esther Rolle Award.

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